Saturday, June 16 | 10:30 PM
Reggae/Hip hop Concert
Free event
Stravizi: Via Carlo Sada, 37 | Grammichele
In partnership with Stravizi



Shakalab is a Sicilian collective formed by 4 singers, veterans of the reggae / hip hop scene of the island: Jahmento, Lorrè, Br1 and Marcolizzo.
From Sicily, where for years they cram piazzas and clubs with people waiting for their concerts, their success has gradually moved throughout Italy, becoming in a few years a musical reference point for many people. Their influence on the Sicilian territory has been of great impact especially among young people, both for the social messages conveyed and for the many initiatives in which they took part. In 2015 the Mayor of Campobello Di Mazara wanted to pay homage to the collective with a tourist sign at the entrance to the village of Torretta Granitola, where Shakalab chose to shoot the videoclip of one of their flagship pieces “The right place”. Shakalab counts two albums in which we find collaborations with the major exponents of reggae music in Italy: Sud Sound System, Boomdabash, Mama Marjas, Bunna (Africa Unite), Lion D, and many others.
During the different tours they have taken among the main reggae music shows, they have been opening live concerts of artists such as Shaggy, Barrington Levy, Ky-Mani Marley.
Their sound is the result of a mixture of musical genres and is very recognizable thanks to the producers who, until today, have made their contribution to the collective: Gheesa, DJ Delta and Haz.
Shakalab are currently working on their third album, which is scheduled for release next year.

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