What’s AmiCa

AmiCa, Associazione musicale internazionale del Calatino, was founded in September 2010 due to a vital urge to spread musical culture in Sicily, in particular in the so-called Calatino: a breathtaking area that can be the perfect frame for the high-profile artistic activity that we propose. AmiCa comes after a long incubation within the hard work and the dreams of its founders, who thought about an associative entity that is primarily (but not merely) focused on music, by means of initiatives that want to place the Calatino to the attention of whom enjoys music, but also interprets and studies it.

The support and esteem of particularly far-sighted people have challenged us to study outstanding projects that have increasing importance in the panorama of national and international concert circuit. Excellence is a fixed point that AmiCa wants to pursue in all its manifestations, indeed we have achieved the collaboration of several international organizations and personalities.

The statutory purposes that AmiCa aims are numerous and ambitious, and the primary one is the organization of musical activities, or activities somehow related to music, with the goal of developing an idea of “total art” and mixture of the various contributions, through the cooperation with excellent institutions of our territory, which are often called upon to collaborate with AmiCa for the success of the events. AmiCa has, in fact, collaborations with musicians, musicologists and music lovers such as: Lautari, Emanuela E. Abbadessa, Fernando Gioviale, Sofya Gulyak, Giuseppe Montemagno, Alfio Antico, Dario Russo, etc.

Between 2011 and 2016 AmiCa has put together 31 EVENTS, mostly focusing on concerts, talks, etc.:

11 AmiConcerti: solo, chamber and orchestral recitals in collaboration with the greatest national and international institutions such as the International Piano Academy “Incontri col Maestro” of Imola, the Sociatà Catanese Amici della Musica, the San Giacomo Festival in Bologna, the University of Miami (FL, USA), etc.

10 AmiConversazioni: informal seminars with musicians, music critics and experts, thought for music lovers and curious who want to approach music by a guided listening, presentations of books, conversations on past legends and rising stars of classical music, but also rock, folk, etc.

6 AmiContaminazioni: various cultural initiatives involving all kinds of art forms, from play-acting to literature, from art to film, related to music and put together by a common thread. The influence that music has had from other forms of art (and vice versa) are numerous and make up almost inexhaustible source of associations.

4 AmiCiak: video projections that AmiCa offers to its audience of melo-cinephiles: movies, short films, documentaries on music, which give a special glance among personal stories and characters, works and relationships.

The summer 2017 represents a change and a substantial growth for AmiCa. In fact the organizers’ desire is to push our projects to the next level, by bringing together the experience and knowledge accumulated during the last years in the organization of a summer piano festival, AmiCaFest, which takes place every early summer.