Hands Up, This is a Concert!

Friday, June 15 | 11 AM
Hands Up, This is a Concert!
Guitar Recital by Alberto Mantello
Music from the classic repertoire of the early twentieth century
Free event
Banca Agricola Popolare Ragusa: Via Cavour, 94 | Grammichele
In partnership with Magmatica Cultural hub



Michele Alberto Mantello undertook the study of classical guitar at age 9 at the musical association “Le sette note” in Grammichele and, shortly thereafter, at the “Capricci Sonori” music academy under the guidance of Angelo Lonigro.
Since 2015 Alberto has been studying at the Istituto Musicale “Vincenzo Bellini” in Catania where, under the guidance of Maestro Agatino Scuderi, internationally renowned guitarist, he has deepened the technique and styles inherent in classical guitar repertoire. During these years he has participated in many national competitions such as A.Gi.Mus. (1st absolute prize), Tutt’Arte (1st prize) and international, Ida Presti (1st prize), Lucio Stefano D’Agata (1st prize), The Court of Federico II (1st prize). Alberto has long been involved in a constant concert activity both as a soloist and in small chamber groups, and has also taken part in numerous classical guitar masterclasses held by great musicians: Giulio Tampalini, Giulio Castrica, Domenico Scaminante, Sandro Lazzari, Emiliano Leonardi, Luciano Allegra, Francesco Taranto, Maurizio Colonna.