From Banditry to Mob

Friday, June 29 | 8:30 PM
From Banditry to Mob: Musical Stories of Characters on the Edge
Talk with Marcello Ravveduto and Lorella Di Gregorio
Free entrance
Aula consiliare
Piazza Carlo Maria Carafa, 1 | Grammichele


Comparative conversation on neomelodic music and narcocorrido, of which a historical profile will be traced starting from bandits’ songs until our globalized reality. It will be an open discussion between Marcello Ravveduto, scholar on the relationship between collective imaginary and mafia phenomena, and author of Napoli… Serenata calibro 9. Storia e immagini della camorra tra cinema sceneggiata e neomelodici (Liguori, 2007), and Lorella Di Gregorio, whose research focuses on cultural products related to crime in Mexico and Southern Italy.



Marcello Ravveduto is professor of Public and Digital History at the University of Salerno and member of the national executive board of the Italian Association of Public History. He teaches graduate courses: in “Public History” at the University of Modena, and in “Analysis, prevention and contrast of organized crime and corruption” at the University of Pisa. He is a columnist for L’Espresso and Fanpage. He is a member of the scientific committee of the magazine Narcomafie as well as the Camorra and Culture of Legality Online Library at the Federico II University of Naples. He is the author of several essays on the relationship between collective imaginary and mafia phenomena and on this theme, he was a consultant for Rai Storia. He has created and supervises the direction of the Virtual Gallery on the Mafia and the Anti-Mafia in the “Joe Petrosino” House / Museum, in collaboration with Rai Teche. Marcello has written Libero Grassi. Storia di un siciliano normale (Ediesse, 1997), Le strade della Violenza (l’ancora del mediterraneo, 2006), Napoli… Serenata calibro 9. Storia e immagini della camorra tra cinema sceneggiata e neomelodici (Liguori, 2007), Libero Grassi. Storia di un’eresia borghese (Feltrinelli, 2012), Il sindaco gentile. Gli appalti, la camorra e un uomo onesto. La storia di Marcello Torre (Melampo, 2016), La nazione del miracolo. L’Italia e gli italiani tra storia, memoria e immaginario (Castelvecchi, 2018). He edited the anthologies Strozzateci Tutti (Aliberti, 2010), Novantadue. L’anno che cambiò l’Italia (Castelvecchi, 2012) e Dialoghi sulle mafie (Rubbettino, 2015). He is the co-author of the first and the third volume of L’Atlante delle mafie (Rubbettino, 2012, 2015) and of Riformismo mancato. Società, consumi e politica nell’Italia del miracolo (Castelvecchi, 2014). In December 2016, he received the “Pasquale Campanello” award.


Lorella Di Gregorio is a Ph.D. candidate in Literary, Cultural, and Linguistic Studies​​ at the University of Miami where, at the present, she teaches Spanish, conducts her research on 20th and 21st century Mexican and Southern Italian cultural production related with migration and organized crime, and has been awarded with numerous research and travel grants. Recently, Lorella has co-taught Migration Studies with associate professor Dr. Bridget Christine Arce. Art, music and literature have always been the focus of both her intellectual and pedagogical interests. This passion for the fine arts and popular cultural production has undergirded Lorella’s entire educational career, having attended a Fine Arts Institute (Ceramics) for High School, and earned a Bachelors’ Degree in Modern Literature (with a thesis in Music History), her first Masters’ Degree in Art History at the renowned University of Bologna (Italy), and her second Master of Arts in Spanish at Texas State University (USA). At TSU, Lorella worked as IA and TA and received several awards including that of Outstanding Graduate Student and Outstanding Service to the House of Graduate Representatives. At TSU, she discussed a thesis in linguistics. In Italy, she cultivated her interest in public programming in the arts by developing educational workshops about Contemporary Art for primary school children. Furthermore, she has a full professional profile that involves varied work experiences with experts, curators, and scholars in the arts such as volunteering at the Festival of Contemporary Art in Faenza; collaborating with several institutions such as the Contemporary Art Museum of Caltagirone, the Municipal Museums of Rimini, and recently the journal Bric-à-brac. Currently, she is the Artistic Co-Director of “AmiCaFest: a Beat of Sicily”, a ten-day long international festival that brings artists, musicians and scholars together from all over the world. “AmiCaFest” offers free concerts, locally organized exhibitions, book presentations, and public humanities lectures around the broad theme of music.