General Info

AmiCaFest is a very unique Piano Festival conceived by Luca Cubisino, Sicilian pianist, piano professor and DMA candidate at the Frost School of Music – University of Miami (USA).


AmiCaFest will take place from June 22 (arrival) to July 2 (departure), 2017. Besides offering talented pianists a chance to take lessons and participate in masterclasses with internationally renowned professors, the festival provides an unforgettable exposure to a comprehensive learning experience. Indeed, AmiCaFest places the student in a full-Sicilian-immersion environment, within a total involvement in everyday life, from the lodging to the authenticity of worldwide-loved food. All the activities will start on June 2 at 6 PM, and will end on July 1 with a trip to Catania, the birth-city of Vincenzo Bellini.

The Tuition cost is extremely competitive: (USD) $1,300.00 + an application fee of $50.00. Use the converter tool (on the bottom of the page) to estimate the cost in your currency. Applications and application fees must be received by midnight EST of March 10 (APPLICATION DEADLINE EXTENDED: Saturday, March 18, 2017). Incomplete applications will not be considered.

For info on how to apply as an Auditor or a Guest click here.


Please, make sure to:

1. Fill out the Application Form.

2. Include your biography, picture, and links to videos of your playing for a minimum duration of 10 minutes. The videos must be recorded no more than one year prior to the application deadline. The choice of repertory is free, but must include two solo works of contrasting style. Students interested in the Concerto Competition will have to send a video of one movement from this list of Piano Concerti, in addition to their application recording.

3. Pay the Tuition (if you are accepted), which can be split in two installments: deposit ($600.00) by March 30 and balance ($700.00) by April 10. You can also pay the amount in full by March 30. Failure to pay the tuition within the deadlines will automatically mean losing your place as a festival participant. Please email us a copy of the receipt as soon as you make your payment, so that we know when the payment has been made.

Applicants will be notified of their acceptance no later than March 20. Only 20 participants will be accepted.


The Tuition covers:

  • Application fee and processing
  • Pre-screening evaluation
  • Concerto Competition admission (if requested in the application)
  • Pre-screening evaluation of Concerto Competition (if applied)
  • Orientation session
  • Practicing during the entire duration of the Festival (6 uprights and 2 grands)
  • Three individual lessons
  • One masterclass
  • Chance to win the audience award (money prize)
  • Access to any lesson and masterclass of the festival
  • Solo performance in a shared solo recital
  • Admission to any faculty and student concert
  • Admission to any of AmiCaFest activities
  • Copy of video recording of the student performance
  • Housing in a family environment *
  • Daily breakfast + 1 meal (lunch most of the time) for the total duration of the Festival *
  • Laundry (up to two times) *
  • Bus transportation from/to the airport (two trips will be scheduled twice on the arrival/departure days)
  • Tour of Grammichele (main square, museum, churches, and other monuments)
  • Tour of Caltagirone (downtown, ceramic factory, etc.)
  • Tour of Catania (Monastero dei Benedettini, Teatro Massimo “V. Bellini”, Duomo, Colleggiata, via Crociferi, via Etnea, lunch with the best granita in the world and dinner/fun at some of the most-trendy nightlife pubs)
  • Cooking class of a typical Sicilian dish

* Included in the tuition if family hosting is requested in the application. NOTE: each family can host only one student + one auditor/guest. Room and board in a B&B/Hotel are not included and must be arranged directly with the facilities management. See here the list.

We offer you a long-life memorable experience made of people, places, flavors, glances, and stories that will accompany you wherever your career will bring you.


Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, who is responsible for them at all times. Parents or legal guardians have the option to stay with the student in a family environment filling out the application and paying the tuition for auditors and guests (only one guest per student is allowed).

Both parents/guardians and students may stay in one of the B&Bs or Hotels on this list. In that case, there is no need to fill out any application for the parent/guardian, but room and board will not be included and must be arranged directly with the facilities management. However, if the parent/guardian decides to stay in a B&B/Hotel, we will still offer:
– Access to any lesson and masterclass of the festival
– Admission to any faculty and student concert
– Admission to any of the AmiCaFest activities
– Transportation from/to the airport
– Tours of Grammichele, Caltagirone, and Catania (extra-fees may apply)
– Cooking class of a typical Sicilian dish


March 10: Applications must be received (APPLICATION DEADLINE EXTENDED: Saturday, March 18, 2017)

March 20: Festival results notification

March 30: Deposit due (or Tuition in full)

April 10: Balance due

April 20: Concerto Competition videos must be received

May 1: Concerto Competition results notification

June 22: Arrive on campus (everybody)